Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What PARYUSHAN means...?

What PARYUSHAN means...?
💎   PARYUSHAN means Festival of self friendship and realisation of soul. Festival of sacrifice, penance & endurance.

Festival of soul purification & self search, time to keep aside the post, wealth & prestige & be with the God.

The  time to forget & forgiveness make the enemy a friend & increase the
  【  LOVE and KINDNESS  】

🚩 1st - Day of Paryusan:
The day of making the mind & soul pure and concentrate in VITRAAG

🚩 2nd - Day of Paryushan:
On this day with the help of our kind speech spread the fragrance of inspiring virtues & constructive activities. Donate with free hand & become a KING.

🚩 3rd - Day of Paryushan:
To make the Mind (soul) & Body Pure and pious with the self of sacrifice & penance. Self control & friendship is also practice. Meditation for enlightment.

🚩 4th - Day of Paryushan:
Rare occasion of gaining AATMA-LAXMI

🚩 5th - Day of Paryushan:
The day of "KALPASUTRA" sacred document of Jainism. this day Bhagwan Mahavira's birth is read and celebrated with special celebrations, a part of which is the auction of 14 items, dreams by the Lords mother Trishala Devi, while she was carrying him.

🚩 6th - Day of Paryushan :
"SWAN" floating in the
MANSAROVAR of Jain Empire (Religion SHASAN)

🚩 7th - Day of Paryushan :
Day of Divine message of Tolerance & power of endurance.

🚩 8th - Day of Paryushan :
"SANVATSARI" The Day of the grand 'GATE WAY' of  "SALVATION" (MOKSHA)

Jainism : Sadgati se param Gati ki aur....

जैन धर्म के क्रांतिकारी मुनी श्री तरुण सागर जी के अंतिम दर्शन

जैन धर्म के क्रांतिकारी मुनी श्री तरुण सागर जी के अंतिम दर्शन मुनी श्री ने अपने कड़वे प्रवचन द्वारा सब के दिलो में मिठास भर दी थी. ...