Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What PARYUSHAN means...?

What PARYUSHAN means...?
💎   PARYUSHAN means Festival of self friendship and realisation of soul. Festival of sacrifice, penance & endurance.

Festival of soul purification & self search, time to keep aside the post, wealth & prestige & be with the God.

The  time to forget & forgiveness make the enemy a friend & increase the
  【  LOVE and KINDNESS  】

🚩 1st - Day of Paryusan:
The day of making the mind & soul pure and concentrate in VITRAAG

🚩 2nd - Day of Paryushan:
On this day with the help of our kind speech spread the fragrance of inspiring virtues & constructive activities. Donate with free hand & become a KING.

🚩 3rd - Day of Paryushan:
To make the Mind (soul) & Body Pure and pious with the self of sacrifice & penance. Self control & friendship is also practice. Meditation for enlightment.

🚩 4th - Day of Paryushan:
Rare occasion of gaining AATMA-LAXMI

🚩 5th - Day of Paryushan:
The day of "KALPASUTRA" sacred document of Jainism. this day Bhagwan Mahavira's birth is read and celebrated with special celebrations, a part of which is the auction of 14 items, dreams by the Lords mother Trishala Devi, while she was carrying him.

🚩 6th - Day of Paryushan :
"SWAN" floating in the
MANSAROVAR of Jain Empire (Religion SHASAN)

🚩 7th - Day of Paryushan :
Day of Divine message of Tolerance & power of endurance.

🚩 8th - Day of Paryushan :
"SANVATSARI" The Day of the grand 'GATE WAY' of  "SALVATION" (MOKSHA)

Jainism : Sadgati se param Gati ki aur....

Seva kya hai? | सेवा क्या है?

🌲सेवा क्या है? 🌲 सेवा कर्म काटने का माध्यम है। सेवा आपके मन को विनम्र बनाती है। तन को चुस्त रखती है। मन में स्थिरता का माहौल पैदा करती...